Best 5 Oral Sex Positions

Lift your hands every one of you who love oral sex. Exactly what we figured: heaps of you can hardly wait to have their nectar pots investigated during your next booking! Particularly when the person or woman you’re with feels comfortable around your wettest parts.

Have you previously been with somebody who just knew one oral position and you’ve been becoming weary of it? Whenever you see that specific customer or escort let them realize you’d like to test around and give something a shot of the container for a change. This goes for new clients, as well. Rather than simply sitting on the bed and trusting that your customer will do their thing or you

Do your thing with their penis, here’s the means by which you can zest it up.


Number one on our rundown, the cliffhanger will possibly function admirably in case you’re a person and she’s a female escort. Advise her to sit on her back on your bed until her head is hanging off of it. Next, position yourself over her face and push that dick of yours all through her pretty mouth. This is going to extend her throat and give you the best deepthroat of your whole sexual


Simply ensure you request that her from time on the off chance that she feels okay, since the cliffhanger can put a ton of weight on her head and throat. Best choose a protected word to use in the event that she feels awkward sooner or later.

Old dependable

Women, for this position you would be advised to lay on your back, and let the person in question lick all of your pleasure spots individually. Folks: ensure you make her shout for additional as you taste her clitoris tenderly or generally. Women once more: play with his balls, at that point focus on his throbbing penis.

Auto specialist

One of you must be on their hands and knees while different needs to slide under them. Consider it being an auto technician who goes under a specific vehicle and does something amazing for it. On the off chance that one of you is on the floor, they can without much of a stretch position your mouth so it’s parallel to their reproductive organs. Take a stab at sliding under oppositely rather and it will feel mind blowing in not more than minutes.

Face sitting

This oral sex move is for those of you who love being in charge as you get delight. In case you’re a man who does the offering, push your dick into her or his mouth. On the off chance that you’re a young lady who needs to give his penis the consideration it merits, straddle his face and crush into his mouth. Do it delicately and appreciate some butt play as an afterthought (yet just if your customer approves of it).


Truly, you read that right. We’re discussing 68, not 69. On account of the last mentioned, two can play at that game. With regards to the 69, nonetheless, just one accomplice will do it and it should be the accomplice who’s as a rule on top. They need to adjust their face to the next individual’s privates and start the granulating. The lower half of the body will be over the essence of the date who goes about as the base. The individual who’s not on the less than desirable end can play around with the remainder of the other’s exposed body.

When one of you is done, enjoy a reprieve, and let the other one play, as well.